Learn how to improve your results by raising your standards

Learn how to improve your results by raising your standards_1200px_png

Learn how to improve your results by raising your standards

Are you already over 10% of your way to achieving your 2014 goals dreams and aspirations?  1/3 of the way to your 1st quarter goals and already smashed your first monthly/30 days goal out of the park?

If not, this could be your answer!

Our core beliefs/standards determine what we believe in and that determines how we act and the results we achieve.  Anthony Robbins tasks about it briefly in his book “Awaken the Giant within” and refers to it as the first step in creating lasting change.

Your standards are reflected in everything you do.  They are the actions you make (or don’t ), the thoughts you have, the things you say, tolerate and choose.  Your standards determine your results in life, business and relationships.

For example:


  • What standards or beliefs do you maintain when talking to another person?  Do you swear at them or treat them with respect? And how do you think those standards might determine the outcome of that conversation?
  • Do you exercise every morning, 3 time a week, or not at all?
  • Will you accept injustices in the world, or do you act or speak up?
  • Do you give change to homeless people, walk straight past, or speak down to them?
  • Are you shy in crowds or do you have something inspiring to share?
  • What time do you open the doors to your business?
  • Do you write goals, make plans and follow through, or do you make reasons and excuses?
  • Do you say, act and do everything you said you would?
  • Are you 100% responsible for your results?  Regardless of circumstance?
  • Do you move heaven and earth to maintain 100% integrity?  And that’s who people know you as? Or not?


The standards we maintain through our beliefs, will always determine our results, regardless of good intentions.  Making a solid conscious choice is the only way to guarantee you will take control of your life and determine your own results.  What standards do you think Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison had to achieve what they have achieved?  What standards must you now chose to uphold, to achieve your dreams?

“The road to failure is paved with good intentions.”  –Old proverb



  • Write down everything you will no longer tolerate
  • The actions you will no longer take or avoid
  • The things you will no longer say or do
  • Write down how it will be instead (the new standard)
  • Read these new standards at the start of ever day



Make your 2nd standard to read these every single day.

Make your first standard to take immediate action and do this exercise RIGHT NOW!   Your life cannot change until you do! The longer you delay, the closer you get to dying and nothing will ever change.

Don’t be the person who’s headstone reads “Died with potential intact”.

Wear your standards as a badge of honour.  Have a mission to believe in and uphold your new beliefs, in everything you do.  People will respect that about you and be drawn to you.

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