The New Model of Leadership

The New Model of Leadership


Early in my coaching journey, I was taught about Clare Graves Spiral Dynamics model. At the time I only had a rudimentary understanding, but enough to be a powerful marketing tool, helping me understand the colours and language to use with each new client avatar. Over the following years as I sat in front of more and more business owners, I discovered this model was way more than just a nifty marketing tool. Based on the results in someone’s business, I knew with absolute certainty where they were on the 8 levels and vice versa, if I knew where they were on the 8 levels I could tell you exactly the challenges they are having in their business. Eventually I collated my learnings and developed my own version called The 8 Levels of Human Potential.

Over the years my client base slowly changed from small business owners to medium businesses, teams and corporates. This shift in focus allowed me to merge The 8 Levels of Human Potential, with an early leadership/management structure one of my mentors had taught me. This New Model of Leadership, draws heavily on The 8 Levels of Human Potential and it’s significant key relevance in a group or corporate environment. The New Model of Leadership is profound in its depth, relevance and practicality.  It highlights for us our own behaviours and shows with absolute clarity, how to become a better leader and manager, regardless of your current role.

The New Model of Leadership

Based on the requirements of corporate, businesses and teams, the model focuses on four core roles (behaviour models) and a fifth contrasting one, that sits outside the four model behaviours. Those five types are:

  • Initiator
  • Steward
  • Leader
  • Manager
  • Follower (contrasting model) 

The diagram shown on this page highlights the four core models. The ‘Follower’ is a contrasting model that is common in current day society, but unfortunately not an ideal model for productivity or communication, within a business, corporate or team environment.

In the diagram below, notice the link between leadership and management of self and others. This understanding is the core focus, that makes us perform at the highest levels within these roles.

The New Model of Leadership

What The New Model of Leadership Teaches Us

For Employees

 As an employee it is clear to understand how your actions impact a business hand what actions are valuable within specific roles, particularly managerial positions  or high productivity.

For Managers, Leaders and Employers

Understanding the skills required of your employees at specific roles within your organisation as well as the skills and actions required by leaders and managers to produce favourable results.

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