“It’s my life’s mission to create a world free from Hate, Violence and Depression. A world where everyone is inspired by themselves, by who we are, with the confidence to be open, loving, vulnerable and powerful.”
-Ross Pepper
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It’s not what we know that creates our results, it’s how we think that determines everything we will ever do, experience and achieve.

For example: Everyone knows how to lose weight and get fit (eat less and exercise more), but according to the World Health Organisation cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the western world. That’s right; obesity and lack of fitness… It makes no sense, does it?!

Until we realise that what we know, is not the same as how we think, and it’s how we think that causes us to act. At school, they teach us what to know (facts and information), not how to think. Knowing something and caring enough about it to take action, are two very different things.

If we know we should lose weight and get fit, it’s possible that nothing will change, other than feeling guilty about our lack of action and poor diet. However, if we know how to think, we can choose to lose weight (rather than know we should). Then we will be empowered to take the actions needed to lose weight and get fit.

When we know what to think, we’re left with wishing, praying and hoping, but when we understand how to think, we make better choices. We take better actions. We don’t give up. We listen to people with wisdom. We communicate from listening and strength. We step confidently outside our comfort zones and act on our dreams. We create our life.

12 years ago I thought life was just the hand you were dealt.

“Today I have what some people might call a blessed life, but it wasn’t always this way. For many years it was far from it, very far from it. At the tender age of 12 I nearly took my own life. 15 years later I almost died from alcohol poisoning. So what changed?

I was going through life like most people, thinking your life was just what you got. Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth (a good life), some got a bad life and I got one somewhere in between.

I had all my limbs, I was smart and healthy (meaning I had nothing to complain about) and I felt worthless, in fact I felt empty. I just sucked it up and plodded on through the pain and agony of my own thoughts.

Depression, suicide, bullying, uselessness and self-loathing, were just some of the horrid thoughts and experiences that filled my head all day, every day. I had no other perspective on life.

Then I discovered personal development and my world turned upside down (or was it right side up?). Everything I thought I knew about life, myself and people, was determined by how I thought. I discovered that my thinking was something that I could change.

Did you know YOU get to choose how you think and therefore experience life? And that your thinking influences everything you will achieve in life? 12 years ago, neither did I.

As I learned how to think, I went from punishing myself and self-loathing to loving myself and being inspired by who I am, every moment of every day. I now help others to do the same.” – Ross Pepper


Don’t be scared to dream and dream big. No, BIGGER!


Ross knows that anything is available to you in life and he helps clients to see it every day. As a coach and business mentor, Ross shows people how to create incredible outcomes in their life. He is known for taking his first ever business coaching client from only $35K, to a massive $1.5Mil in just 4 months.

While financial success is part of what Ross may help you to achieve, success is not just about money. Life is what we make of it and so when Ross works with you he focuses on every area in your life. This includes financial outcomes, business growth, personal growth, health and wellbeing, family, relationships, communication and more. Ross knows how to support you to seek success and abundance in every area of life that is important to you.

Your mindset is the key. Anything is available to us in life. All we need do, is create the mindset that inspires the actions, that achieve those desires. Ross’ goal for you is to feel inspired by the possibilities of your own life, and fulfil that dream every day.

As we grow up we create our world and our mindset by context. External events create and shape our thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes and decisions. They initially ‘make us who we are’.

That’s the way we are wired, to react to the world and survive. The way we think drives us forward or holds us back and all of those thoughts have an intentional purpose - to keep us safe.

So, while we often dream of more, we don’t know how to achieve it in the context of our current knowledge. Achieving more in life is the result of wanting more from life, and wanting it badly enough to look outside of our current mindset and world view.

Ross shows you that we actually have a bigger, bolder, happier version of ourselves just waiting to be unleashed. Finding that person in you takes a leader who can assist you to grow, combined with a willingness to step outside your comfort (familiarity) zone to get it.

If you want more and you're ready to step outside your comfort zone, Ross will show you how you can achieve everything you ever dream of.

Potentially you’re thinking ‘it’s not that easy’. Every person has their own story, just like Ross does. What you need is a supportive mentor who can show you what is possible, and that’s where Ross is an expert.

Live A Life of Possibility and Inspiration

“If I’d been taught how to think rather than what to think, I wouldn’t have gone through any of the pain and anguish that almost took my life. I would have known what was going on and how to deal with it. I would have had access to different choices. That mental prison that I was in for so many years, would have never existed.” – Ross Pepper

How is it possible that personal development tools are not in schools? Ross asked himself, once his journey began.

In that moment, Ross knew that everyone in the world has to have these tools. In 2008, he enrolled in the best coaching school in Australia – The Coaching Institute. Over the next few years Ross did every course they had.

Ross started discovering amazing things about what people were capable of, what motivated us, how we could choose our own experience of life and what that took to achieve.


“Who I am is the possibility of possibility and inspiration.” – Ross Pepper

Ross Pepper Inspirational Talk

Over time, Ross changed. Ross found that he no longer needed to get drunk every second day, it just didn’t serve him anymore. He knew how to think, and chose to live a life filled with positive emotions. Drinking just didn’t facilitate his experience. If anyone asked: ‘how are you’, Ross genuinely responded ‘fantastic thanks, how are you?’.

Ross started measuring every area of his life out of 10, then found that when he got to a 10 there was a whole new level beyond that. These areas covered personal, financial, work, family, health and fitness, romance, communication, relationships … a deeply fulfilling life, no longer consumed by any one thing, or even how he once saw myself. A life filled with love and joy, regardless of situation or circumstance.

Ross became constantly happy regardless of what was happening in the world around me, actively pursuing that next level in every area of my life. Healed, he was now helping others to see their life as one of possibility.

Live A Life of Possibility and Inspiration
Experience an Inspired Life

Through mentoring you, Ross creates the dream that you have as actually being possible for you. Then he helps you create the inspiration for you to follow your dreams, as he does daily.

Ross has let go of the pain of regret, resentment and blame. He no longer hears that little voice that stops him feeling whole and complete. He has changed it to a little voice that inspires and encourages.

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An Invitation

“I would love to help you make those changes and gain ownership over your inner world. I’d love to hear from you, so contact me. Let’s find the inspired you.” – Ross Pepper


“Ross is extremely passionate about supporting Start-ups and Small Business Owners by providing them with massive value and expert knowledge”.

- Ruth Posterino – MettaRetreats

“I would highly recommend Ross to anyone who needs direction with their marketing or who needs to get their business on track with some astute coaching.”

- Violet Browne, Viacom

“It was a great pleasure to have you in my store. You have truly inspired me to keep moving forward and to take action.”

- Diem Nguyen

“For several years I have had the pleasure of watching Ross transform himself into a highly effective and powerful coaching and marketing guru. It’s been my great fortune to have him as a coach and to have been the recipient of his techniques. Ross has helped me transform my life and overcome my personal roadblocks, teaching me the skills I need to succeed in the future.”

- Anneliese Gillard North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network


Grant Cardone University (USA) – Sales (2018)

The Coaching Institute (Vic)

  • Certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning, NLP (2017)
  • NLP (2010)
  • Timeline Practitioner NLP (2010)
  • Performance Coach (2010)
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate III in Business Administration
  • Certificate II in Small Business
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training


Small Business Growth Specialist - In just 4 months Ross took his first ever business coaching client from only $35K, to a massive $1.5Mil.  

Speaker and Trainer - Small Business Festival Victoria

Keynote SpeakerNAB 

Creator and Facilitator - 7 Step Marketing Membership Program

Author - Master Your Marketing


Ross works in several ways with people who want to achieve their dreams in the key areas of business, teams, marketing and the development of personal power

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A truly amazing life is about more than just money, health, career or lifestyle. It’s about exponential growth in EVERY area.



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