Whether you are looking for clarity, confidence, better communication, high performing teams, more money in your business, or something else? I know with absolute clarity and conviction that you can have every single one of those, with the single action of becoming a bigger version of you. I help you achieve this by working on values, beliefs and behavioural patterns, all within the context of the 8 levels of human potential.

Sure I can teach you skills, techniques and strategies to improve your business, your marketing and your relationships, but when we create a bigger version of you, you get all of that and much more.

The purpose of coaching is to help someone to grow and improve in an area that is important to them. Such as sport, relationships or business. How that is achieved is a different matter.

Coaching is not just one thing, it's many things to many people, across endless disciplines Industries and styles. Common examples are in sport. Anyone who has ever played sport has had a coach and if you train seriously at an elite level, you will have had many coaches. Any area of life in which we wish to perform at a higher level we do so by employing a coach.

There are probably as many coaching styles and methods as there are Industries in which you find them. Some of the common names include business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, relationship coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching m Agile coaching, NLP coaching, transformational coaching, values coaching, hypnotherapy and the grow model, just to list a few. They could be based on a range of values and understandings such as 6 core needs, our values, beliefs, stories, motivation, inspiration or almost any understand or creation.

I use many of those myself but always, always, come from the client's current limitations, based on their progress through the 8 levels of human potential. This single tool or scale, is so profound in explaining what someone is experiencing and what they need to move forward and grow, I now use the 8 levels of human potential as the basis for interacting with any human being.

One of the reasons coaching is effective is because it taps into the clients skills and abilities, leaning on the belief that everybody has everything they need within then now

Mentoring and coaching can often look incredibly similar depending on the skills and experiences of the individuals involved. Primarily though,  mentoring is more about sharing of wisdom and experiences. Coaching is more about creating a change in someone's behaviour. A mentor must have the appropriate skills and experience in the area he or she is mentoring in.

A good coach however does not require any skills or even any experience whatsoever in the area the client wishes to improve in. I can imagine that may come as a shock, it did to me the first time I heard it too. However now that I've been coaching for over 10 years I completely understand how that's true. The results humans produce in life have very little to do with actual skill and are entirely a result of our beliefs, values and behavioural patterns. Have you ever noticed that some people make a mess of everything they do and others are successful in everything they do? It's simply their approach to life. As a coach I help people shape that approach to life, knowing that every single human on the planet is capable of extraordinary success, well beyond their current results

Executive coaching refers to the type of individual the coaching is focused on helping. In other words executive coaching is designed to help executives overcome the challenges typically associated with their work role. Most common of these challenges is the fear of being found out. Nobody in the world has all the answers and yet executives think their salaries suggest that they should, but what they're really getting paid for is not only their skills and experience but more importantly, their ability to handle the unknown and still function effectively. Functioning in an environment where you do not have all the answers and being effective in that role, is not a common Talent. Most people will do more to avoid pain then to experience pleasure, or achieve success. Often dying with their dreams and desires unfulfilled or even attempted.

Business coaching is working with the owner of a small to medium Enterprises or SME. There are a lot of niches in this area, such as sales, marketing, accounting, leadership, and teaching age old business principles such as a SWOT analysis. It could also include Harbour Industrie and expert strategies and systems, such as Robert kiyosaki's BI-triangle, or a set of tools and methodologies under a single banner, like action coaching International.

When talking about life coaching, the variety of possible unique coaching opportunities and unique results and impacts is almost endless.

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