Master Your Marketing
The Ultimate Small Business
Marketing System
by Ross Pepper

Learn The Marketing Secrets Big Business Don’t Want You Knowing So You Can Out-Perform Your Competition And Make More Money,
In Just 7 Easy Steps

Did you know a staggering 50% of
small businesses fail every 2 years?

You may know that despite their valiant efforts, 50% of small businesses fail every 2 years. That means after only 6 years, just 10% of small businesses are still in operation. Even a 10, 20 or 30 year old business has a 50% chance it will not survive the next 2 years. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the number 1 reason businesses fail is because they just don't make enough money.

Want to be the dominant player in your industry? Read on.

Marketing and Sales are more than just skills for business, they are skills for life. When I left Uni, I was unaware just how crucial sales and marketing were to every aspect of life, including job applications. If I had realised then that a job application was marketing and the interview was sales, my story might have been a very different one. Instead, I had 3000 job application letters returned rejected (if returned at all). I needed a new approach.


People don’t buy the best made
product or service,
they buy the best marketed.

Master Your Marketing - Ross Pepper

Since before I was born my Dad had always been self-employed, so I decided that starting my own business was the answer. Little did I know that this decision was the beginning of a life-long journey, which would eventually inspire me to take the stage and teach others how to create their own success in business and in life. Like most start-ups, the early days were a constant struggle, as I headed off into the jungle with no map and no guide, to show the way.

Little did I know it would be more than 10 years before I decided to get serious about creating my first successful venture. Once upon a time, a $10k Yellow Pages was the only advertising a company would ever need, to have all customers as they could handle. Today the landscape is infinitely larger and riddled with landmines.


I invested roughly half a million dollars in the creation of this system, through courses, experts, thousands of hours of dedication and my own trial and error. Originally I created it myself, but I shared it with another business owner and we took their business from $35k to a staggering $1.5mil in just 4 months. What I discovered and teach is that success is not a matter of luck, it’s a 7 step planned strategic approach. So at that point I knew I had to share it with the world.

Over the next 2 years I set to work developing the system in to a useable product and an invaluable resource. This is that book. It’s simple, well presented and entertaining to follow.


  1. Unlocking Your Master Key
  2. Discover Your Profit Profile
  3. Activate Your Magic Magnet
  4. Create Excitement Even Before They Can Buy
  5. Fire Up Your Conversion Engine
  6. Nurture Your Raving Fans
  7. Exponential Growth
  8. And More

BONUS Chapter 9. Killer Copy

I noticed that many people are unsure of how to write in a way that their clients are really going to love. Creating Killer Copy that attracts the right prospects and has them coming to you begging to buy is your greatest marketing super power. That’s why I included a bonus section that ensures you know how to write, not just what to write …


Although this book has been devoured by marketing students, marketing professionals and corporates alike. I wrote this book specifically for small business owners, who want to attract more customers and make more money. It brings together everything I've ever learnt about marketing and delivers it in an entertaining, easy to follow and repeatable, 7 Step Marketing System. To help you consolidate and implement your new knowledge, I have included exercises at the conclusion of every chapter. So get ready to Master Your Marketing!

Here's to YOUR business success!

“Information only becomes knowledge through action and implementation”

- Ross Pepper