Emotional Intelligence in Schools

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This is a great day for education and the future of the human race.

“A meta-analysis of more than 200 separate studies that compared students with emotional intelligence-based programs and those without them found that positive behavior increased 10 percent, negative went down 10 percent, and academic achievement scores jumped up 11 percent.

These programs, called “social/emotional learning,” or SEL, take little or no time from the standard academic topics, yet let children learn better. Singapore is the first nation to mandate that all children there receive SEL.”  Writes Daniel Goleman.

This step forward in thinking is the greatest advancement in humanity since formal education began.  Education has long been recognised as the answer to most of the worlds problems and now it’s official.  People who are able to think better are happier, more content, more inspiring and more driven to change the world.

To read the article, click here: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130519223058-117825785-teach-emotional-intelligence-in-schools

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