I had reached a point in my business where I had lost direction and I was unsure of where to turn or even how to begin growing my business again.  Our sales had declined and our goals now seamed even further away.

When I met Ross I found him easy to work with and I could tell unlike many coaches, he had a genuine interest in helping me and in helping my business to truly excel.

In the first 3 months, Ross has already helped to empower my confidence, put systems and strategies in place, assisted with planning, and now we are delivering on a nationwide advertising campaign in partnership with this country’s leading industry magazine.

Ross’s willingness to empower me to do whatever it takes to overcome my own limiting beliefs and achieve my personal goals and our business goals;  I’ve never experienced before with any other coach on any level.  We have set new bigger goals and are now achieving them with consistency.

I highly recommend Ross, because in the short time he has been working with me, he has already opened my eyes wide to a whole new world of sales and marketing, and simplified this in to basic step-by-step instructions.  His understanding of human behaviour and NLP gives him the distinct advantage, making him the go-to-guy in his industry.

If you too want to grow your business, you’ll be glad you chose Red Hot Pepper.