Before I discovered personal development, I never knew how much more you could achieve

My life wasn’t always this amazing; people didn’t compliment me every day on the difference I made to their lives. I didn’t have a permanent grin on my face. In fact up until the age of 32, my life was a complete train wreck.

I remember being 12 years old, depressed and suicidal. I felt powerless, trapped and unloved. By the age of 14, I starting drinking and by the age of 18 I was an alcoholic, chain-smoking, drug addict. My life was a mess. My relationships abusive, no job, and a bleak future, with no way out.

During the next 15 years, most of the people I knew ended up incarcerated, institutionalised, or dead. Then one day a generous stranger introduced me to Personal Development and my entire world changed forever. My life would never be the same again. Now that we’ve met, I hope your life will be changed forever too!

One day I realised every single person, is infinitely more capable and powerful than they can currently imagine

I am so inspired when someone comes to me looking for more out of life, because I can see who they will become, and that’s exciting.  On my own personal journey, I discovered so much about the human mind, how it works for us, and how it can work against us.

We are powerful beyond measure and so much of that power sits just below the surface, unnoticed, untouched and untapped.

I love nothing more than to work with people to help them become the star of their life and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.


You are amazing, extraordinary, and infinitely more powerful than you realise; and you deserve to know that, and experience all of that about yourself, right now!

- Ross Pepper

There is a journey we go through in life, if we choose. I call it the 8 levels of human potential. It starts with basic survival (food and shelter) and travels towards enlightenment, where we understand everything is simply energy and flow. It is my desire that you get to experience profound success in your life and attain at least level 6 (global contribution), in your lifetime.

It is my belief that when enough of the planet have attained this level of potential; poverty, hate, violence and crime will completely disappear from our society. Whether you believe that or not, becoming a person of remarkable self-belief and extraordinary success, will leave you knowing that your life has meaning and your legacy will live on.


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WTF?! Seriously, why are life skills not taught in our schools?

Of everything I have ever been taught in my life, learning how to love and believe in myself, has had by far the biggest impact. This includes the extensive training I’ve done on how to communicate with myself and with others. These basic, essential, life skills have given me the confidence to try, fail and grow. To trust, believe and inspire. Where I once hated school with a passion, I now embrace every opportunity to learn, improve and grow. Once bullied, introverted and self-loathing; I am now confident, extraverted and inspiring to everyone I meet.

We have football coaches, but being a better football player never made me a better human.

- Ross Pepper

Knowing how to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and love myself. Knowing what people say about me, says more about them, than it does about me. Knowing how to create my personal experience of my life, regardless of the circumstances I find myself in... These are the personal life skills that have transformed my life, my environment and the lives of everyone I have ever met since.

You may have left school already (or not), but whatever age you are, life transformation is never too late. Let’s you and I take responsibility to become the people who live such an extraordinary life, that together we are the cause of global school reform. Everybody deserves this opportunity. You, me, everybody. So in the meantime, I’ve got a special gift for you. 🙂

Whatever You Choose in Life, Your THOUGHTS always determine Your RESULTS

It’s not what we know that determines our results. It never has been. It’s how we think (our approach to life), that determines our actions and thus our results. This became so clear to me about 18 months in to my journey as a public speaker.

I was teaching small business owners everything I’d learnt about marketing, including my entire 7 Step Marketing System. What I noticed though, was that some people were getting extraordinary results within just the first few weeks, while others were no closer to success 12 months on (when they’d learnt almost all the knowledge there was). They had everything they needed in know and more, but weren't taking action.

Ross Pepper Road

Knowing isn’t doing, or as I like to say…

“Information becomes knowledge, only through action and implementation.”

- Ross Pepper

This lack of action, or put it another way ‘responsibility’, is a trait of people on the 2nd rung of the 8 Levels of Human Potential. It’s activated by a misplaced belief that they’re “not good enough” (or similar limiting belief); reinforced by the lack of results, being manufactured by their own lack of action. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The opposite is also true, when persistent and consistent action creates spectacular results, it reinforces the self-belief of unimaginable power and potential. So how do we transform a mindset from victim to superhero?

What is Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Profiling, NLP, Transformational Coaching and the 8 Levels of Human Potential?

Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Profiling, NLP, Transformational Coaching and the 8 Levels of Human Potential, are just a handful of terms, methods, or related tools and words used to describe the life changing stuff, that I understand and will help you learn. There are many approaches to making a difference and I will give you the fastest, most impactful tools and methods I know - whether I learn them or created them myself. My purpose is to accelerate your potential.

Behavioural Profiling
Behavioural Profiling_1200px_png

Profiling, in any form, uses pattern recognition to understand and explain how an individual interacts with the world, thus creating their personal results. For example, Introvert and Extravert are behaviours that create clearly different results.

Behaviour profiling refers to the technique of understanding human behaviour and explaining or cataloging it, in a way that others can understand, relate to and utilise. Below are a couple of human profiling methods.

DISC Profiling
DISC Profiling_1200px_jpn

DISC profiling for example uses four primary types. Dominance, Influence, Steady/Steadfast and Compliance. Each type is highly recognisable. Such as the influencer, the life of the party. They’re the person who is easy to talk to and driven by the need to be liked. Contrast that with the Dominant personality type, often seen as a bully because they are driven by the need to win (succeed and achieve).

Modalities (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Auditory-Digital, also from NLP)
Modalities (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Auditory-Digital, also from NLP)_1200px_png

The modalities of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Auditory-Digital (also from NLP), are highly influential in shaping how we interact with the world. Someone who is Visual will dress to impress and learn from ‘seeing’. Someone Kinesthetic will typically enjoy comfortable clothes, good food and learn by experiencing (feeling). The Auditory are our musicians and the AD (Auditory-Digital) are our deep thinkers. We all have a mix of these but primarily function inside one or 2 modalities.

The 8 Levels of Human Potential
The 8 Levels of Human Potential_1200px_png

The 8 Levels of Human Potential are essentially a ladder human progress through if they mature. Each level is progressed through only when the individual overcomes the challenge inherit at each of the levels. Understanding this also makes it a powerful coaching tool.

NLP Meta-Programs (used in Myer-Briggs Profiling)
NLP Meta-Programs (used in Myer-Briggs Profiling)_1200px_png

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is an incredibly powerful set of related techniques that was drawn together from the greatest therapists in the world many years ago. It continues to be explored and improved even today. NLP brought us Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy as well as many other powerful, transformational and life changing coaching techniques.

NLP Meta-programs, are an example of primary influencing behaviours that humans run based on a core relationship, to themselves and the world. One example would be that of Introvert vs extrovert. Another is our chunk level of Global or specific, meaning big picture or detail oriented.

Values Elicitation
Values Elicitation_1200px_png

Understanding a person’s values will tell you their motivations and explain their actions. If money or family were their top value, then one of those would be of great pride and success, the other would likely benefit from some attention.

Coaching Styles

Here are just a couple of coaching methods you may have heard of.

The 8 Levels of Human Potential

A useful profiling tool, The 8 Levels of Human Potential tells us exactly where someone is in life, the results they will produce, and the major challenge they need to overcome to improve their results (in every area of their life).

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is unlike Sports Coaching or Performance Coaching. Born out of NLP where we completely transform one way of being in life, to the complete opposite (or some other chosen outcome). Such as from a smoker to a non-smoker in a single session. We literally ‘transform’ that area of your life.

Relationship Coaching and Communication Coaching

This is less of a technique per say and more an area of coaching. However, depending on perspective, it can be said that all coaching is relationship coaching or communication coaching. How we relate to and communicate not only with others, but also ourselves, will be what causes our results. For example if we criticise ourselves or inspire ourselves, our own self-talk can create polar opposite results.

Values Coaching

Coaching on a person’s values, can be very powerful when their values are unaligned, with the results they wish to achieve. By changing what we value, we will change what we prioritise, focus on, think about and do.

The 8 Levels of Human Potential
Ross Pepper Potential Barack Obama Dalai Lama

A useful profiling tool, The 8 Levels of Human Potential tells us exactly where someone is in life, the results they will produce, and the major challenge they need to overcome to improve their results (in every area of their life).

There seems to be so much to
learn, where do I begin?

Great question! In fact to begin the journey is very easy (and FREE!). I have simplified what I have learnt over endless years of studies, coaching and experimentation, in to the perfect introduction that simplifies all that endless complexity, in to a handful of simple shortcuts and easy to digest lessons. You will begin learning how to master yourself and your environment from your very first lesson. It is my mission to transform the planet and it would be an honour if you would consider being part of that transformation.

These free techniques and teachings work regardless of individual uniquenesses, such as modalities (V,A,K,Ad) and NLP meta-programs, because they occur on a deeper level. The teaching will explain how and where modalities relate to your experience the world and how you create your results. It will also explain how the techniques I teach bypass this and create immediate transformational results in every moment and aspect of your life.

How it works

As one of my Mentors Sharon Pearson said “Change happens in an instant.” We create change very quickly, literally in the blink of an eye. By making a choice that is different to the choice we had the second before, we immediately transform that area of life. It’s like we turned left instead of right. One of my favorite choices, is choosing to be happy (regardless of circumstance). I have it down to a fine art now, but you can start easily by choosing to smile next time you’re upset. Give up feeling sad, angry or mad and just smile.

It’s fun, you should try it. 🙂

This program helps you come to the choices that will have immediate and dramatic impact on your life. The first choice you’ll need to make it is to do the program, or not do the program. Every day you’ll have the option to make this choice to do the program. Every day you say “yes” and you continue to grow. And every moment of every day for the rest of your life you will have the choice to say “Yes” to yourself and your life.

Why offer FREE Coaching?

It’s my life’s mission to stop hate, violence, poverty, hunger, depression, suicide and crime. I see this as possible only by evolving the consciousness of the human race, through transformational personal development, or life skills (sometimes call EQ or emotional intelligence). It is my goal is to put this program in the hands of 1 billion people in the next 3 years. To do that I need your help!

As you learn, grow and help your own transformation, all I ask in return are... your testimony and your sharing. If this is the most extraordinary program you have ever done, please provide testimony, and please share it with everyone you know. Together we can change the planet and create a world of realised dreams on earth.

Can I get 1-on-1 or group coaching?

If you already know you want to work with me personally


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