Whatever You Choose to do in Life, Your THOUGHTS will ALWAYS determine Your RESULTS.

No other single thing in the world will have a greater impact on the outcome of your life than your thoughts (your beliefs, your internal dialogue and your choices). Change these and you change your world, forever.

Written Testimonials

Last week, I attended one of Ross’s afternoon workshops.  I found the information very thorough in its technical marketing content and I particularly benefited from the section on knowing and understanding your target market.  As a marketer, I’m aware that many people underestimate the importance of this and therefore often miss the mark on being able to ‘solve a problem’ for that client.

Very valuable content with great delivery and I would highly recommend Ross to anyone who needs direction with their marketing or who need to get their business on track with some astute coaching.

Thanks Ross.

Violet Browne
Marketing, PR & Business Consultant
Viaccom Marketing Services

Ross Pepper has an amazing mind for Marketing and his extensive knowledge in this area is clearly visible throughout his speaking engagements. He is very personable, engaging and committed to ensuring his audience grasp the key concepts presented. Ross is extremely passionate about supporting Start-ups and Small Business Owners by providing them with massive value and expert knowledge they can implement easily. His 7 Step approach means highly effective and affordable marketing is accessible to all, not just the giants in business

Ruth Posterino
Dreaming Room Facilitator

Im such an idiot for trying to force myself out of my dark rut, its true that once I speak to you its all better and good things happen immediately after.


I would like to thank you for inviting me to attend last nights webinar.

From my point of view it was absolutely fantastic. In the two hours you managed to assemble so much that will help me in making my business and myself grow.

If it is at all possible I would like to have the slides show and the Circle Of Life booklet so that I can go through it with my staff.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for the great, useful and thought provoking information you presented.

Please accept the best wishes for Xmas for you and your family from both Aashi and myself, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the new year.

John Godsall
jag Team Professional Bookkeeper

I have started watching your video clips and I have been to a few seminars recently.  You are the most impressive person I have found.

Jim Gascoigne

I had reached a point in my business where I had lost direction and I was unsure of where to turn or even how to begin growing my business again.  Our sales had declined and our goals now seamed even further away.

When I met Ross I found him easy to work with and I could tell unlike many coaches, he had a genuine interest in helping me and in helping my business to truly excel.

In the first 3 months, Ross has already helped to empower my confidence, put systems and strategies in place, assisted with planning, and now we are delivering on a nationwide advertising campaign in partnership with this country’s leading industry magazine.

Ross’s willingness to empower me to do whatever it takes to overcome my own limiting beliefs and achieve my personal goals and our business goals;  I’ve never experienced before with any other coach on any level.  We have set new bigger goals and are now achieving them with consistency.

I highly recommend Ross, because in the short time he has been working with me, he has already opened my eyes wide to a whole new world of sales and marketing, and simplified this in to basic step-by-step instructions.  His understanding of human behaviour and NLP gives him the distinct advantage, making him the go-to-guy in his industry.

If you too want to grow your business, you’ll be glad you chose Red Hot Pepper.

Brady Hancock
Creative Director
Rebrands Australia