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In addition to all the amazing knowledge, tools and education delivered with the above programs, Gold Membership combines all of these and brings in even more essential bonuses.

This program was delivered live to a small group of my inner circle clients and these powerful teaching and workshop sessions were recorded live.  These recordings are included with your Gold membership to truly enhance your learnings, bringing in much more value than is just available from the workbooks delivered with the core content. You get to watch as we live workshop, businesses marketing on the fly and bring in additional leanings not in the core manuals.

Ever wanted to dig deeper, to know more about a topic that seemed invaluable to your marketing, or even your business or personal development?  By including many of the Business, Personal and Marketing Development coaching modules, from my personal business coaching programs, you are able to gain a much deeper and more powerful understand of yourself, your prospects, your business results and growth.  These modules valued at $250 each, educate you on a fundamental principle in their respective areas.  For example, profiling tools such as NLP Modalities or Spiral Dynamics can be game changing tools, as you begin understanding how to communicate and language your marketing copy.

An NLP example focusing on the 4 Modalities: Which of these paragraphs below speaks to you?  And which ones do not?

Visual (40%): “Imagine yourself driving along the beautiful and scenic Great Ocean Road, a glint of bright orange sunset reflects off the stunning metallic paintwork.  Heads turn as you drive past the cliff-side lookout.”

Kinesthetic (30%): “The contoured seating is so perfectly comfortable, you feel almost like you’re at home in your favorite armchair.  Reaching up to take hold of the wheel, the positioning is exactly where you left it and that familiar smooth, responsive touch is instantly there.”

Auditory (20%): “Whether you prefer to listen to your music through your phone, digital radio or CDs, you can easily hear for yourself the sound quality is crystal clear, respectable enough to listen to the exquisite melodies of Beethoven’s 5th and still loud enough when turned up, having ample volume to attract attention at a street car rally.”

Auditory Digital (10%): “The engine is a 4 cylinder, 3.0ltr and delivers 231hp. It goes from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds, fitted with a 55ltr tank and achieves fuel efficiency of 8.4lts/100km on open roads. It comes with a standard warranty period of 2 years on parts and accessories, paintwork 3 years and 12 years warranty on the bodywork.”

Was there one amongst them that spoke to you, or did each one interest you to a varying degree? Get this right and you’ll probably make the sale, get it wrong and you’ll definitely bore them to tears.  Imagine trying to market your product to a young, single, (high D, highly visual) business executive and talking about fuel efficiency, when all they wanted to know was “Can you get it in their colour and how soon can they have it?”!

This example using NLP Modalities to tailor language and create a strong connection, is just one basic example, explored much deeper in Personal Development Module #6 (Advanced Communication – Part II).  With more than a dozen modules in each of the series (Marketing, Business and Personal Development), there is plenty of additional learning to continue growing your marketing capabilities to new levels.

“One of the biggest results of working with Ross has been an increase in my confidence and self-belief. This is not a benefit I expected to gain from a marketing program but it has certainly been pivotal in my marketing campaigns and my continued personal and professional development.”