Camille Thurnherr’s Journey

  • Where I was (and my business) before I began working with Ross.

    • I had clients and I loved my business, but I was often confused about what to focus on each day.
    • I wasn't clear on my goals, including financial goals
    • I tended to get distracted during the day and spend too much time on social media
    • I didn't have a clear marketing strategy

  • Why I chose to work with Ross.

    I liked his practical/ to the point approach and I felt he was the right person to mentor me.

  • This is where my business is now (and/or the benefits I have gained).

    • After only working with Ross for two weeks, I have a daily structure that is easy to follow and that I actually enjoy
    • I am therefore more focused, more driven and more productive
    • I got 4 new clients and 5 more women who enrolled in my e-course (in two weeks only)
    • Because I'm reading my mission statement and my goals every day, I'm more "aligned" and motivated

  • What is the unexpected result.

    What is great is that I actually enjoy following a daily action plan, I am so much more excited to start every day

  • Why I would recommend Ross.

    Simple, Ross will get you results. He is great to work with, he will get you out of your comfort zone in a way that is actually enjoyable. I highly recommend Ross as a mentor/coach.