Do you want to take your business to over $1 million in 12 months?

This system has been implemented successfully in businesses since I first developed it for my own business many years ago.

  • Easy to Learn

  • Proven Results

  • Copywriting Mastery

  • Step by Step System

  • Everything Included

  • Live Video Recordings from Training Sessions

  • Bonus: 8 Week Quick Start Program

  • Bonus: Business Growth Modules

  • Bonus: Personal Growth Modules

The very first business I shared this system with went from $35k to $1.5 million in just 4 months. So I’d love to hear your results!

Table of Value

STEP 4: LAUNCH $500.00
STEP 5: CONVERT $500.00
STEP 7: TEST & MEASURE $500.00
TOTAL $3500.00
Live Workshop Recordings x8 $2000.00
Previous Webinar Recordings $697.00
Marketing Growth Modules $1500.00
Business Growth Modules $750.00
Personal Growth Modules $1250.00
8 Week Quick Start Program $500.00
Master your Marketing Book $20.00

TOTAL VALUE: $10,717.00


Small Business Marketing from a Real World Perspective

I've been a business owner for most of my life.

It all started at 21 years of age, straight out of college. After finishing my studies, I sent out over 3000 hopeful job applications and didn't receive a single interview for all my trouble. In fact most companies didn't even bother writing back.

Clearly my marketing skills sucked, so I thought I'd start my own business… Not well thought out, I know, but I had to do something with my life. And this job application process was becoming very demoralising. My Dad was a small business owner, so this seemed like a good idea. How hard could it be?

Ross Pepper Standing Strong Inspirational

The Challenges of being an Entrepreneur

Thus my entrepreneurial journey was born.

A couple of weeks later I had a home-made add in the local paper. Naturally the Newspaper offered a design service, but I made it myself to save money.

It would be 3 months before I got my first call, which turned in to my first job. That customer went on to become a regular of mine and a wonderful raving fan. In fact the newspaper add was so bad, a year later I dropped the add altogether. My new customers were all coming exclusively from word of mouth referrals.

I wasn't rolling in cash, but for a kid in their early 20s, life was good. I had about 2-3 days of work per week and took the rest of the week off.

Until one day, when all of that changed. Finally it was time to get serious.

I studied, invested, watched, bought and borrowed, everything I could, immersing myself in to everything marketing.

Becoming a Marketing Specialist

Over the coming years I invested 100s of 1000s of dollars and several years of my life. I learnt so much about marketing I ended up developing my own 7 Step System, just to understand how to apply all that I had learnt. Eventually I even went on to write the book on marketing. It's called 'Master Your Marketing'. The physical copies ran out years ago, but you can grab a free PDF here on this website as my gift (or on Amazon if you’re happy to pay for it).

Marketing became such a big part of my life for many years. I still remember the day a room full of small business owners just like you, asked me to make the course for them. I was running a little 2 hour marketing seminar for my BNI group and at the end of the course, they wanted more. So right then and there, 7 Step Marketing was born.

The 7 Step Marketing System’s True Value


I spent the next 12 months creating and delivering the course. I recorded live videos, wrote workbooks, etc. Once it was complete, it was obvious many more people needed it, so I overcame my fear of public speaking to sell it from the stage to rooms, packed full of budding entrepreneurs. Arrive late and you would find yourself with standing room only. The final price of the complete system was a bargain at $2,500 and the real value probably 10-20 times that. Although if you wanted to replicate what I did, you would be spending around $500,000 and 3 years of your life.

The 7 Step Marketing course demystifies the world of marketing and makes it tangible to everyone. Studied by marketing experts and business owners alike, you will learn proven strategies and industry secrets. I’ve even been approached by a city-based university to teach my skills to their marketing students.

How Is it So Affordable?

Today however, I have moved on. My life’s purpose has changed. Now I focus on my love for people, over my love of business and money. But I still know you are out there, hundreds of budding entrepreneurs, if only you could get your hands on this system.

7 Step Marketing Product Photo-sm

It's a massive body of knowledge, including systems, steps, videos and tools for creating replicable success. So I want you to have it, I want you to have it all. I want you to implement it and apply it to your business, so you too can know the success I have.

To that intention I have roughly calculated the costs associated with delivering this to you. Everything from marketing through to hosting etc. and I am offering it to you for a ridiculously tiny 10% of the original sale price. I'm obviously not going to get rich off it at this price, but my wish is that you will. That you take this and implement in your business, attracting an endless stream of customers eager to buy from you.

My gift has one condition

But before I let you have it, I do have 1 condition. If you take me up on this offer, you must promise you will apply it. I don't want you buy this just because it's spectacular value, then stick it on the shelf and say 'that sounds great, I'll get to it one day'. No, I want you to promise me, you will apply it. Starting today, right now. Schedule time in your diary and begin today. If you're not going to begin today, I don't want you to buy it.

I'm serious, I know it's only $250 and even at 10 times that investment, it's still amazing value. In addition to learning this powerful system, the real value is in you actually taking action to implement it. So only buy it if you're truly serious about growing your business.


Free copy of my book

A free PDF copy of Masker Your Marketing, my book on marketing

Valued at $20 - (also available separately here on Amazon)

Master Your Marketing book

(value $20)
* indicates required
7 Step Marketing Product Photo-sm

Total Value: OVER $10,000 FOR JUST $250

What’s in The Complete 7 Step Marketing System?

The complete 7 Step Marketing System, encompassing everything I ever learnt about marketing, gathered, tested and ordered in a replicable 7 Step Process, for attracting endless customers to your door.

Each Step has a workbook to help you apply the fresh learnings directly to your business. The accompanying video recorded directly from my live training rooms, teaches the skills in an interactive environment, so you can learn from me personally while getting your questions answered.

  • 1

    It’s All About Them

    • Learn about your customer. After all, the success of your business depends on them.
    • Learn the right questions to ask your market
    • Speak their language so you can build rapport quickly and easily, becoming their trusted advisor. This is important because we only buy from people we like and trust.

  • 2

    Know your Market

    • Learn the secrets of your competition, how to stand out and how to thrive.
    • Discover your customer's needs, uncover your Niche, know your competition and put yourself in a different race. Meaning you leave your competition behind and compete only against yourself.

  • 3

    Lead Generation

    • This is where you learn strategies to attract your prospects.
    • Attract prospective customer to you like a magnet. Let them get a taste for your offerings and have them begging for more.

  • 4


    • Create the customer experience and make it easy to buy from you.
    • As customers we can't be asked to jump to the sale, we need to be respected and assisted to reach that conclusion.
    • Through the launch process we learn to hold our prospect's hand, as they navigate their questions, uncertainty and risks until they are ready to make the easy decision to buy from you, their trusted advisor.

  • 5


    • It's time to make the sale, how can you close the deal without all the constant chasing?
    • We all want eager customers asking us to sell our products to them. There are a range of skills and industry secrets that help people move from curious to committed. By applying what you master in this step, you will find customers asking to buy from you.

  • 6

    Raving Fans

    • The ultimate marketing engine is a raving fan. Free and compelling.
    • We all respect our friends opinions, which is why nothing beats Word-of-Mouth advertising. So naturally you want to ensure your customers are raving fan customers.
    • Utilising skills such as social proof, stories and expert status, you will create your own raving fan experience in your marketing while your business creates them in the flesh.

  • 7

    Test & Measure

    • The best in the world understand the importance of testing and measuring everything we do.
    • Profitable marketing campaigns are not the result of roughly thrown together, once-off attempts, they are tweaked and improved over numerous versions. The best in the business know the critical importance of testing and measuring. With modern technology we can now do this on the fly, improving in real time saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars, resulting in highly profitable marketing campaigns.


Bonus Step 3.1 / 5.1: The Ad - valued at $500

The words we write are the cornerstone of every piece of marketing you will ever do.

Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Close. Don't scare off your customers with the wrong information, language, colors or attraction strategies. This bonus step is the hallmark of every great ad ever written. Spanning multiple steps, the ability to write inspiring compelling copy at every stage and customer interaction, will ultimately decide the outcome with more accuracy than any other single thing you do or do not do.

This single bonus step alone is easily worth every cent of your investment and more.

Apply the learnings in more than just direct marketing. Use it in emails, products, proposals and everything you ever write again.

BONUS TWO - 7 Step Mini

This quick start program substantially increases speed of implementation and more than doubles your value, Sold individually at $500.

I noticed there were some people using this system and getting spectacular results. Such as my first ever business coaching client who went from $35,000 to $1,500,000 in just 4 months, after learning this system. While others, who after learning it did nothing with it.

To overcome that lack of action and help everyone create success, I developed my 7 Step Mini Marketing, 8 week implementation program. Valued at over $500.

Specifically designed to create a single marketing channel and create a single income stream, which can then be replicated again and again. Creating a repeatable income stream completely shifts our perspective on marketing and our own ability to produce results.

This means your business immediately becomes substantially more financially viable. The first time I included this bundled in with the 7 Step Marketing System, I had reports of people making back their entire $2500 investment, just from completing this 7 Step Mini marketing program.


Bonus Resources - Valued at over $3,500, this bonus again doubles up the value of the entire program!

Each step in the complete 7 Step Marketing system, including the Bonus Supplementary step comes with:

  • The live recording from an inner circle live training session.

  • A unique workbook addressing the concepts taught in the live session.

  • The workbook has questions specifically designed to help you apply these powerful learnings and marketing secrets, directly in to your own marketing.

  • Bonus workbooks to deepen your knowledge of important and complex subjects, such as how to write 'killer headlines' that attract like magic and NLP techniques to apply in every interaction with another person. You'll be improving your personal relationships, while becoming a better marketer.

Table of Value

STEP 4: LAUNCH $500.00
STEP 5: CONVERT $500.00
STEP 7: TEST & MEASURE $500.00
TOTAL $3500.00
Live Workshop Recordings x8 $2000.00
Previous Webinar Recordings $697.00
Marketing Growth Modules $1500.00
Business Growth Modules $750.00
Personal Growth Modules $1250.00
8 Week Quick Start Program $500.00
Master your Marketing Book $20.00

TOTAL VALUE: $10,717.00


The choice is yours. The system is here. The price is extraordinary.
I want you to have this. All you need to do is implement it.

Please note: This is an ethical marketing system, meaning it works best when you operate with honesty and integrity.