“Although every business is constantly faced with challenges and opportunities, it’s our job to improve the quality of those challenges and opportunities. For example a business could have the challenge of wondering where they’re going to find the next client, or have the challenge of wondering how they’re going to service all the clients they have. Only one of those is a challenge worth repeating.”
  -Ross Pepper

Growing Small Business

I work with business owners who wish to grow their business, overcome recurring problems and blockages, to reach new levels of success, freedom and reward.

The growth of a typical small business goes through several phases. Business success requires different skill sets, as each new phase produces new challenges. Failure to solve the problems inherit to each phase, will almost always result in the business, eventually, shutting its doors.

All businesses must first overcome the issue of cash-flow.  In other words, knowing how to successfully, consistently and sustainably, attract a steady stream of new customers. It’s worth noting, the fast paced nature of our world today can bring any business back to this need in an instant. Become the Expert, or hire them, because without this your business, any business, every business, can cease to exist, virtually overnight.

During the growth phase the business owner is looking for key staff to fulfill roles in the company.  Knowing how to inspire, encourage, build and grow your team, will be the greatest learnings you will continue to leverage, every day for the rest of your life. Invest heavily here, or this is where your business will remain, in what will feel like a constant daily struggle of agonising frustration.

This is when improving the systems in a business brings the greatest rewards. By cutting down on waste, whether its in time, productivity, production or anything else, creating systems are your key to reaping the rewards here. It’s all about increasing leverage; 10 minutes saved every day, or 5% less waste, or 7% increased productivity… these are all money in the bank.

With your business now humming like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to think big and dominate. Some companies begin with this as their mission and seem to almost leap-frog past the initial phases, but make no mistake, every single one of these phases still exists for them too.


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