Ross Pepper is The Small Business Growth Specialist

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Author
Recognised for taking his first client from $35k to $1.5mil in just 4 months

From humble beginnings as a University student drop-out after only a couple of months, Ross pioneered his first small business as a self-employed IT Support Specialist. Over 15 years later and still running his own businesses, Ross agreed to accept his first ever business coaching client. In the very first session, Ross uncovered some major roadblocks in his clients thinking and a critical flaw in their marketing approach. Fixing these immediately in that first session, he took his first ever business coaching client from only $35K, to a massive $1.5Mil in just 4 months.

In his ongoing efforts to reduce the staggering failure rate of Small Businesses in this country, Ross created a the 7 Step Marketing Membership Program and wrote and published his first book “Master Your Marketing”. This first edition is available for purchase at his live public events including the Small Business Festival Victoria, funded by the State Government of Victoria. His 7 Step Marketing program can be purchased here right now, or in the room at his live events.

Ross now delivers training, education and coaching to Small Business owners across Australia, looking to grow their businesses. Specialising in Small Business Marketing, Ross is ideally positioned to deliver extraordinary value to Small Business owners, with his extensive marketing and business knowledge and expertise.

If you want to grow your business tomorrow, make sure you get in the room with Ross today.

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