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I’ve not been sharing my other (business) posts here for a while, so here I am to share with you something else.

I joined Toastmaster recently and found it an excellent place for anyone wishing to step outside their comfort zone in a friendly and supportive environment, to learn the basics of public speaking and to become comfortable speaking in front of groups of people.

If you are already experienced speaking publicly, there are advanced groups also, such as TOC (Toast Of The Country Club).  Maybe I’ll see you there?  Come and introduce yourself if you do!

If you want to know more of find a local club, please visit their website:

(It’s not for profit too, so very reasonable yearly fee.)

Article by Ross Pepper.

Only 30 Seconds to Discover More About Yourself Than Most Will Learn in a Year

Profiling is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to understand what our strengths and weaknesses are.  It can rapidly uncover and bring to conscious awareness our challenges and our natural abilities.

The fastest method I have ever found is the shapes method.  The best part about it is that it directly relates to DISC profiling, but can be done in seconds rather than minutes.

If you’re intrigued or want to learn more, jump on over and check out the full article here.

Article by Ross Pepper

Are you getting left behind in 2014?

Goals are essential to guaranteed success.  Everybody knows it but so few people act upon it.  It’s not just having them either, its creating a plan to achieve them that makes reaching them possible.

Here’s a quick 10 minute process to put you ahead of 95% of the population!

The Instant 10min Goals Exercise

 DO RIGHT NOW (10 mins)

1) Write down what you want

2) Put dates on it

3) Put numbers on it (Client numbers, Sales figures, Take-home Income, etc.)

4) Break that in to quarterly projects and put visibly on your wall

 EACH 90 DAY QUARTER (5-10 mins)

1) Separate each project in to monthly milestones (30 days)

2) Divide each month in to weekly objectives

 EACH WEEK (5-10 mins)

1) Turn objectives in to a list of clear actions

2) Do the actions. Tick them off as you go.

3) Celebrate your success


To read the original article, click here.

Small Business Owner, looking for affordable assistance?

Good morning inspiring small business owner,

We all know exactly how challenging it is to strive out on your own and stake your claim, as an entrepreneurial small business owner.  With so much to do, sometimes the toughest thing can just be knowing what to do next.

And even if you know what to do next (like hire your first staff member or build a website), it can seem like an un-surmountable task if you’ve never done it before.  Where do you start, where can you get affordable, honest ideas and support?  What does does a website need, what does it not need, how will it create customers and make money?

If you’ve ever wanted an expert team in your corner, to stand with you, and help guide you through to success, you need to check this out!

Projects Update

As we move from October to November, the projects begin to change focus.

My Power Coaching (still needing a better name) is almost ready to launch:

  • 3 landing pages have been created for split testing
  • The coaching system has been tested for a full month
  • Results have been wonderful and final feedback is being collected
  • Implementation has begun off feedback already in
  • New workbooks and content are being put together to further support clients

And as soon as a satisfactory booking systems has been implemented, the service will launch.  I would love an automated system, but it’s looking like I might even consider a Virtual Receptionist to get it done properly.


Project 7 Step mini marketing is entering the test phase as I write this.  With initial questions already out the door and the systems being completed for each of the 8 weeks.

I’m very excited about the possibilities I’ve created for small business owners, their businesses and their families.  With such affordable entry level access, it’s inspiring.

Empowering The Success Rate of Small Businesses in Australia.

My 3 Projects For This Last Quarter

I know I have many interests and projects I wish to get stuck in to, so I thought I should share the 3 that I’ve chosen for this last quarter of 2013 (in case you missed the full article).

  1. Power coaching for small business owners – Incredibly time and money efficient
  2. Mini 8 Week marketing program – Highly affordable and distinct in its intention
  3. JVs – Reaching out to add extraordinary value to many more small business owners

How we think determines our results

For small business owners this is critical to understand, because your business is just a reflection of yourself.  What that means is that the challenges you have within yourself are the challenges you face in your business.

If you want to read about what I discovered when I asked a Small Business Group on LinkedIn “The Biggest Problem Faced by Small Business Owners Today”, click this link.


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